lunedì 29 novembre 2010

Tcl/Tk for R 2.12 on MacOSX 10.4 PPC

On my previous post I wrote how to install R 2.12 on MacOSX Tiger.
Unfortunately with that method you have to use the ugly X11 terminal to open a Tcl/Tk window, because if you try to load the library with a non X11 native terminal, like MacOSX default Terminal or I-Term, you'll get something like:
> library(tcltk)
Loading Tcl/Tk interface ... done
Warning message:
In fun(...) : no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable

domenica 21 novembre 2010

HowTo: R 2.12 on Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 PPC

R_GUI for Tiger is supported until R 2.10.
If you need R 2.12 the only way is to forget about graphical interfaces.
Manual compilations was a dependencies hell, fortunately there is a port called "r-base" in fink.

  1. Install Xcode from your Mac OS X DVD.
  2. Install X11 from the same DVD.
  3. Install Fink from here.
  4. If you want a GUI install Fink commander from here.
  5. Enable Unstable packages, read how here.
  6. Install "r-base". It will take some time...

venerdì 5 novembre 2010

Simple Preamp Layout

Here is a stripboard layout of a simple preamp that you can wire up in ten minutes: