mercoledì 25 novembre 2009

Dragga Machine

I added two new knobs to my awesome Bontempi toy drum machine.

The first time I modified this toy I was able to found only the pitch resistor. When I tried do add other bends I fried a fuse-resistor and I had to go to a TV specialist to repair it! (I did not know nothing about the existence of fuse-resistors at the time).
After this bad experience I added some contact to link it with arduino.

domenica 22 novembre 2009

Arduinome x16adc mod

Some times ago I hacked my arduinome to add 16 potentiometers to it.
I writed about it only on monome's forum but I think it can be a good subject for my first article on this blog.

Basically, it's a good way to fill arduino's free analog input pins. They should be free if, like me, you are playing with an unsped shield.

Arduinomes works on three levels:

  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Software
we must touch all these levels to add our potentiometers.