mercoledì 25 novembre 2009

Dragga Machine

I added two new knobs to my awesome Bontempi toy drum machine.

The first time I modified this toy I was able to found only the pitch resistor. When I tried do add other bends I fried a fuse-resistor and I had to go to a TV specialist to repair it! (I did not know nothing about the existence of fuse-resistors at the time).
After this bad experience I added some contact to link it with arduino.

Firstly I built a bad looking perfboard prototype. It worked but I fried some transistor.
Anyway I was able to drive it with Pd, as showed in this old video:

At a later time I etched an handmade arduino shield. Like the first prototype it's based on 2N2222 transistors, but this time I added a vactrol for digital pitch control!

Some day ago I tried again to bend it, and this time I was lucky! I was able to add two more noisy knobs and now it's perfect for lofi techno amateurs!

I don't have a schematic of the board, but it's a really simple circuit based on trasistor switches.
For those interested in software, I used the Pduino Object + Firmata Firmware and there's my patch!

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  1. this is excellent -- thank you.

    started learning pd and was happy to stumble across this on youtube. thanks a lot for sharing your patch.

    best regards